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Bell Wire

Crimped Rings

Clamp Rings

Double Rail Rings

2 rings fastened together with steel, normally used for larger wreath products

Heavy Crimped Rings

Heavier gauge wire used to manufacture the ring – require spoolwire to complete product

Shaped Rings

Door Arches, Hearts, Crosses, Candy Canes

Item No.DescriptionPKG Price/Pkg
10100800Crimped 8 In100$20.50
10101000Crimped 10 In100$22.00
10101200Crimped 12 In100$26.50
10101400Crimped 14 In100$36.00
10101600Crimped 16 In100$42.00
10101800Crimped 18 In100$67.00
10201800Heavy Crimped 18 In50$45.00
10202000Heavy Crimped 20 In50$59.00
10202400Heavy Crimped 24 In (50 IN A PKG)50$75.00
10301200Double Rail 12 In50$40.00
10301400Double Rail 14 In50$50.00
10301600Double Rail 16 In50$62.50
10301800Double Rail 18 In50$75.00
10302000Double Rail 20 In50$90.00
10302400Double Rail 24 In25$65.00
10303000Double Rail 30 In10$45.00
10303600Double Rail 36 In10$58.00
10304800Double Rail 48 In5$68.00
10306000Double Rail 60 In1$25.00
10307200Double Rail 72 In1$38.00
10308400Double Rail 84 In1$58.00
10400800Single Clamp 8 In50$49.00
10401000Single Clamp 10 In50$55.50
10401200Single Clamp 12 In50$65.50
10401400Single Clamp 14 In50$77.50
10401600Single Clamp 16 In50$93.00
10401800Single Clamp 18 In50$114.00
10402000Single Clamp 20 In50$135.50
10402400Single Clamp 24 In25$90.00
1067360036 In Door Arches10$31.00
12552300Spool Wire Green 2350$150.00
12552400Spool Wire Green 2450$150.00
14090000Clamp Machine (manually operated)1$155.00
14512200Spool Wire Black 2250$105.00
14512300Spool Wire Black 2350$105.00
14512400Spool Wire Black 2450$105.00
14512600Spool Wire Black 26 -5lb spools1$20.00
1862240024 In Candy Cane Wreath10$47.50
1863240024 In Wreath Cross10$41.50
1864240024 In Wreath Heart10$51.00
1866240024 In Wreath Xmas Tree10$37.50
4228160016 inch Kissing Ball Hooks100$27.00


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